Gears from a BJ8 in such a good condition that they almost might be brand new. They probably came from a car that had an accident early in it´s life. The gears are installed in a BJ7 box that has been bored out to take the thicker layshaft of the BJ8 gear set. When finished this box will feel just like a new one did straight out of the factory!

Note how the cones on each gear has a grey and dull finish. This is because they are treated with molybdenum, which makes them harder and I believe increases the friction. With this treatment steel synchro rings can be used, which is better as they last considerably longer and also improves the synchro action. Earlier boxes that used aluminium/bronze synchros had gears with untreated cones. You can see the difference as those cones were shiny and metal colored.

Gearbox and overdrive mated to fully rebuilt and tuned engine



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